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STeX – the 1st publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange

with 100% commission distribution among token holders

STeX decentral crypto exchange

This particular ico looks quite interesting as they are promising a lot of returns. If all happens as advertised there is a lot of money to be made.

STeX is he first crypto-exchange, where 100% of the profit from commissions is distributed to the STeX holders, as the intention is to be in top 10 of exchanges in the first year, the expected dividends to be distributed monthly for every 1000 STeX held(1 ETH just during pre ico) is up to 1200$. This is just the first year. Additionally, the tokens that have been bought during the ICO and have changed their owner will have plus 20% from distribution of the commissions. This means that in time, as more people sell, the original holders will have more and more commission bonuses distributed to them, as holders numbers go down gradually. Additionally, after the ico, the pre-icoholders will receive 10% of what is made during the ico. So if during pre-ico is sold 2500 ETH and during ICO – 250 000 ETH, 25 000 ETH will be distributed to pre ICO token owners, which is a direct 1000% increase.

The platform will have the option of leverage and the opportunity to make trades on different exchanges from the STeX exchange without having to transfer your tokens – just like trading on one exchange. So arbitrage will be easy! Also, they claim that they will have the biggest liquidity on the market.

Pre-sale ends at 15 000 ETH( currently at 6 000) or in 16 days. ICO is in 1 or 2 months after pre-sale ends.

Minimum volume for Presale is 0.5 ETH = 500 STE, please set the Gas limit to 300,000.

They have also a refferal program, where you earn 10% of what other people invest because of your links. They stated that there are people already making money out of it, and the biggest earner amounts to 30 000$.


August 2017 – STE token Presale (1 STE token = 0.001 ETH)
October 2017 – STE token ICO (1 STE token = 0.002 ETH)
October 2017 – ICO after 20% distribution of tokens (1 STE token = 0.004 ETH)
November 2017 – ICO ends distributing more than 30% of all tokens
December 2017 – Beta Development
2018 – Commissions distribution
February 2018 – Front-end Production


Popularity and perception

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